This Is BIG is a research co-operative: a network of freelance data scientists, methodologists, moderators and interviewers, psychologists, media strategists, and UX designers. We all have worked together in the past, and today we operate on a movie studio model, coming together to solve clients' problems. 




Ilya Vedrashko
Director of Research

Before founding This is BIG, Ilya ran a research department that he had built at a big advertising agency.

Before that, he founded a brand research lab while pursuing a master's degree at MIT.

He specializes in research methods and experimental designs, and studies the evolution of human desires.


Rob St.Louis
Director of Data Science

Rob St. Louis is an expert in behavioral science, machine learning, and advanced statistical methods.

In his academic research at Brown, the University of Chicago, and UCSD, he has developed new Bayesian nonparametric learning models for partially observable Markov decision processes, identified how heterogenous effects bias psychological experiments, and explored new techniques for improving self-control.


Blair Ballard
Director of Strategy

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