Content Research

Content Strategy Research

A recent study found that “84% of people expect brands to produce content. Yet 60% said the content brands currently create is poor, irrelevant, or fails to deliver”.

Our approach

Our Content Research practice is here to help you create content that people will find, read, and pass along; that will create a correct and lasting impression of your brand in people’s minds; and that it will inspire action. 

A successful program will produce content at the intersection of availability, desirability, and effectiveness.

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Content you have the ability and permission to produce. You have the right expertise, you have the organizational will and resources, and it's within the limits of what's on-brand. This circle is probably bigger than you think, and we will help you take a complete inventory of what you can be doing. 

Content people want. Not all content you can make will be in demand by the people it is intended for.  In our research, we will establish what's hot and what's not at different decision-making stages.

Content that creates the business effects you need. Finally, not all kinds of content that you can make and that is in demand will work equally hard for you.  We will use our testing methodology to filter out ideas that are unique to you, that are memorable, and that motivates people to act.

The complete process

Here's what will happen when we work on a content strategy research assignment from start to finish.


Intake - a meeting in the format of an interview where we establish your business goals and other research parameters.

Data review - we go through the data you already might have.

Landscape overview - we will look at the content produced by your direct and extended competition to see if we can find common themes and estimate how well it's performing.

Interest graph analysis - we will select a sample of social media users who fit the target profile, and examine what they read and who they follow.

Pre-segmentation - the data we have gathered by this point will allow us to make hypotheses about possible audience segments and personas.

Target interviews - we will then conduct individual interviews with 5-6 people per target audience segment.  We prefer to conduct interviews in person, but phone or video chat will work in a pinch too. Usually, the interviews are taped.

Brainstorm session - at this point, we will share our preliminary findings with you. We will also, in collaboration with your creative partner, brainstorm content themes, and mock up possible executions.  

Survey - finally, if feasible, we will conduct a survey to validate the segments and our findings. We will also pre-test executions to measure their effectiveness, and we will collect data that will help us understand how people search for and interact with content. 



Competitive analysis - we collect your competitors' content, look for patterns, and reverse-engineer their strategy.

Effectiveness testing - we use our own testing methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of your actual content and content ideas, as well as competitors' output.

Interest graph analysis - we select a sample of social media users who fit a target profile, and analyze who they follow, who influences them, and what content they pass along.  

Keyword survey - we conduct a specially designed survey to understand what keywords your target audience members would use to find your content.

Audience segmentation, profiling, and personas - we use a mix of methods to identify the most prominent audience segments, and bring them to life in a way that helps focus creative efforts.

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